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March 7th 2020

Bremen Parks and Recreation

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February 15th 2020

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Peachstate Wrestling Alliance: May 20th 2017 Event (Heritage Title Three Way Match) ($12 + $3 Shipping & Handling) $15

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance May 20th 2017

Billy Buck -VS- Kelvin Holmes

No Limits Title Triple Threat Match:  Shane Noles -VS- Mr. O’Hagan (w/Bill Behrens & Triston Michaels) -VS- Drew Adler

Tag Team Title Three Way Match:  The Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards) -vs- The Kingsmen (Logan Creed & Kyle Matthews) -vs- Ace Haven & Sal Rinauro (w/Amy Haven)

WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton -VS- AC Mack

Heritage Title Three Way Match:  AJ Steele -VS- Tommy Too Much (w/Bill Behrens) -VS- Mike Pose

Enter the wild ring of Peach State Wrestling Alliance

Wrestling is the world’s oldest sport that you should see for yourself. In one match, you would be rooting for either the underdog or the dominatrix that are vying for the championship title. Aside from that, the roar and excitement inside the stadiums will make your heart pump fast and shout your loudest cheers! 

Peach State Wrestling Alliance holds weekend matches in various stadiums throughout the United States. Originally from Georgia, this company continues to honour the glory of wrestling by holding fair matches that demonstrate the strengths and skills of the wrestlers. Watch a match yourself today by booking tickets at the website!

How to book tickets for a wrestling match

To keep you in the loop, Peach State Wrestling Alliance offers you a step-by-step process of booking tickets online, so you are guided. Here is how:

  1. Head to the website of Peach State Wrestling Alliance
  2. When the home page loads, click on the ‘book tickets’ button. This will take you to a list of event dates.
  3. Look for the match you want to watch. Once you see it, click this button to be redirected to its details page. This will tell you everything you need to know about the match including the wrestlers involved, venue, and time.
  4. On that same page, you will see the ‘book now’ button. Click that to be redirected to a page that will ask you about your details and how many tickets you want to book. Additionally, you can also choose your preferred seating placement. Take note that each seating section varies.
  5. Once you have filled up everything, the website will reflect all your information just to let you confirm. If you think that everything is correct, click the ‘proceed’ button to move on with the payment process.
  6. The only accepted payment methods are credit/debit cards, bank transfers and deposits. Select the one that best fits your convenience and secure your slot in the stadium.
  7. After paying, Peach State Wrestling Alliance will send you a confirmation email to let you know that your payment has been processed.

Stadium reminders

Here are a couple of reminders you need to read to avoid inconvenience:

  1. You are not allowed to bring outside food and drinks inside the stadium.
  2. People under the age of 15 years old are not allowed to enter the stadium.
  3. Strictly no ticket, no entry policy.
  4. You are allowed to bring banners but make sure that other people can still see the ring.
  5. If you have backstage access, make sure to keep the pass with you all the time.
  6. Peach State Wrestling Alliance is not responsible for any lost belongings.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact the details reflected on the Peach State Wrestling Alliance website.